High-quality glass lacquering and synthetic lacquering in series

A high-quality glass or synthetic lacquering is attractive – and unmistakably shows your customers the exclusivity of your products. As a competent service provider, we offer our partners from the packaging and cosmetics industry innovative and first class services for surface treatment and arrangement of the most varied product packaging.

On the features regarding orders in the fields of glass lacquering and synthetic lacquering, it is not only our speed and flexibility that count but also the personal passion and how we feel connected with our work: We carry out work in the field of glass lacquering and synthetic lacquering not only in large volumes but also on a small scale below 15,000 units. For our customers, this means, apart from reasonable setup costs, no such difference in processing orders.

Customized product design

Your favorite color for the perfect appearance

For the cosmetics industry and other applications

"We love colorful"

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